Toyota 80 Series Land Cruiser / Lexus LX450 Rock Sliders

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Includes the following features:

  • 69″ overall length maximizes coverage of the rocker from flare to flare while allowing for oversize tires or 65-1/2″ overall length maximizes coverage of the rocker from flare to flare while allowing for oversize tires and front mud flap
  • 3/16″ thick x 2″ x 3″ rectangular tube main rub rail for greater foundational strength
  • 3/16″ thick x 1-1/2″ square tube legs to limit flexing while traversing obstacles
  • .120″ DOM x 1-3/4″ outer rub rail with kick-out at rear to assist in pushing away from obstacles
  • 3/8″ and 5/16″ thick heavy duty mounting plates
  • 3/8″ thick heavy duty backing plates that sandwich the frame with 1/2″ Grade 8 bolts
  • 1/4″ thick gussets for added strength
  • 1/2″ thick Catalytic Converter protection
  • No drilling needed
  • Serves as a secure point to lift one side of vehicle using a high-lift jack
  • Mounts to the frame only
  • Fully welded and very tough
  • Each weighs approx 60 lbs and 75 lbs
  • Bare metal or powder coat finish
  • Includes all mounting hardware
  • Optional Top Plates
  • Current lead time is 4-6 weeks

Toyota 80 Series Installation Instructions

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Toyota 80 Series Land Cruiser / Lexus LX450 Rock Sliders


Additional information

Weight 148 lbs
Dimensions 73 × 22 × 16 in
Tube Steel Type

.120" DOM


Bare Metal, Matte Black Powder Coat

Vehicle Model Year

1995-1997, 1993-1994, 1991-1992


Gas, Diesel HDJ80 / HDJ81

Length Options

Allow for Front Mud Flaps 65-1/2", No Front Mud Flaps 69"

Suspension Lift Compatibility

No Front Control Arm Drop Brackets (Iron Man and Eimkeith Drops Compatible), Front Control Arm Drop Brackets (ManAFre Compatible)

Body lift

Stock, 1 Inch (Not a Suspension Lift)

Outer Round Tube Angle

Angled Up at 20 Degrees (default), Straight away from the body (reduced)

Top plates

None, Rear Dimpled Top Plate, Full Dimpled Top Plate

12 reviews for Toyota 80 Series Land Cruiser / Lexus LX450 Rock Sliders

  1. Nathan

    I ordered the 69″ DOM optioned sliders with full treadplates and couldnt be happier with them on my 1997 FZJ80. A true pleasure to work with every step of the way and a terrific product that I know I can count on, they’ve done their job to protect my truck repeatedly without any issues.

  2. Ryan C.

    I can’t believe these only have one review. Simply the best sliders you can buy, hands down! Super easy install with no drilling or frame modifications required. Would definitely recommend to others.

  3. Stephen Law

    One of the few sliders available for the 1991-1992 FJ 80. These are built like a tank! Easy install and great phone support (I had an issue that was easily cleared up with a 5 minute phone conversation. After two years they are holding up well with no issues.

  4. K. Fischer

    Definitely a top notch product. Beefy. Plan on two people to hold them up on the install, lol. They’ve saved my rockers and cats on many occasions and still look new

  5. Andrew S

    I bought the lower angle sliders since my wife needs a step. I also went with full length plate on top. They were shipped ups. The quality is exquisite. Very very stout. I read the instructions twice, then went to work. After removing factory side steps on my 1997, I hosed everything off and washed frame with dawn the day before. Set a side on stands per instructions. Loosened brake line brackets, added supplied spacer and bolt and attached each side per instructions. Did all this in my driveway without help. The fit is outstanding and they look awesome. I have flares and ended up putting the plastic front flare bottom piece back on just for looks. I am very satisfied and as the original owner, don’t know why I waited so long….. the fit is perfect.

  6. William G

    Purchased sliders from White Knuckle. Could not be happier. The installation was straight forward and the sliders are actually a work of art. I give them my highest rating!

  7. Eric (verified owner)

    I have a 1991 Series 80. I just finished putting on a set. The sliders themselves are amazing in engineering and construction. They are so precise that the angle of the mounts on the slider helps you position the slider.

    The whole installation took me about 3 hours from start to completely cleaned up and put away. I had to do one thing for preparation. I had to remove the bottom half of the clam shell heat shield of the catalytic converter, and trim back the top half that is near the frame. That took an additional 45 minutes on top of the installation. I had an additional step for installation beyond the instructions. This step was (partially) dropping the gas tank to access the brake line and install the spacer/extended bolts. This took a floor jack and a 14mm ratchet or wrench. That took up the extra time beyond the normal 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

    Some things I did to help the process: I chased the threads on the frame. This made the “hard to reach holes” easier to start the bolts. Some of the holes are real testers to reach, and start bolts. I bought: 1 (one) extended length, flexible head, 13 mm ratcheting wrench (for the M8 frame bolts), and 1 (one) magnetic/claw pick up tool (to steady and hold the bolts during initial threading). I had a 3/4”, extended length, ratcheting wrench (to adjust the U-Bolt nuts), this made final, even, tightening much easier because the U Bolts extend longer than a socket head is deep. I also used a 5’ piece of 1 x 4 wood strapped to my floor jack to hold the driver’s side slider (it is heavier, and a bit more awkward, than the passenger side slider).

    In total, an easy install. Done by oneself, it takes some extra moving around and pushing and shoving. If you have an extra set of hands, it is a really easy and quick (I imagine) prelude to drinking some beer.

  8. Lydia W

    I could not be happier with my rock sliders. These are beefy! Great design, well-executed. Superb welds, very nice powder coating. They fit perfectly and look great. My 80 is now well-protected. White Knuckle delivered a week or so earlier than quoted, and it was well-worth the wait.

  9. Trace A. (verified owner)

    Great quality sliders. These things are beefy. Straightforward, bolt on install. Good fitment. Nice hardware. Shipped out ahead of schedule.

  10. Joe Modispacher (verified owner)

    Dragged these on rocks and stumps and the drop down shelf for the catalytic converters has held up well, no damage to the exhaust. Great build quality as well.
    Install wasn’t too hard they are just heavy if you do them by yourself. These have held the vehicles weight dozens of time without any issue. I have no complaints. I have done quite a few trips with them. I will do a longer video review on these a bit later as I’ve been very impressed.

  11. Eric Daniels (verified owner)

    Just installed a set on my new-to-me FZJ80…I couldn’t be happier! I did a fair bit of research and decided to go with the White Knuckles, and it was the right choice. Fit and finish is excellent on these, and I really appreciate the options when ordering. I decided to go with the steeper angle, no top plates, and shorter versions so I could keep my front mud flaps….Oh yeah, don’t forget the DOM option, these things are a beast! Thank you for continuing to support our now “vintage” vehicles with a great product!

    On installation, no problems there as these are built for a PERFECT fit…the one little bushing is a bit of a pain, but took just a couple of minutes to figure out the best way to get to it. Also, replaced my cats a few weeks ago and made sure that the threaded holes in the frame were clean at that point, so everything went together with zero issues.

    Now I just need to get these on the trail and enjoy some wheeling with the peace of mind of having the White Knuckles installed!

  12. Steven Strine (verified owner)

    Bought a set of 69” sliders for my LX 450 and I could not be happier! Super sturdy and very well built! The staff was super friendly and I was able to install them by myself thanks to the detailed instructions. Highly recommend these sliders and this company!

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